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Hips: OFA Good
CERF Cleared Annually
January 29, 1992 - March 25, 2005

Roman meant the world to me. He had a short show career, ending with a 3 pt. major under Judge Beth Speich and a single point under Judge Tom Bradley.  He earned his CD in three out of three attempts, with scores in the 190's, and earned one leg on his Junior Hunter title. In his short career, Roman sired some very nice pups, including Ch. Lobuff's Grateful Dawg and his litterbrother Zachary, whom I owned until he passed to the Rainbow Bridge in 2006.  He is the grandsire of Ch. Wingmaster Lobuff Aquarius Yogi and BISS Hillsdale Tickled Pink.

Roman was the steadfast hunting partner for many years.  As he got older, he assumed the role of puppy companion, therapy dog, and patriarch. Coffee-table head boy, gentle brown bear, I will never forget you.

Glosmere Chocolate Soldier
CHOC-English Import
Bradking Bastram
Eng. Ch. Fabracken Comedy Star
Bradking Cassandra
Glosmere Suchard Glosmere Burnt Almond
Lodges Bourneville Abby
Ch. Cloverdale's Down Town Brown
Ch. Cacao's Commander Cody
Swed.Am.Ch. Puh's Superman
Cacao's Raisin Cain
Samantha of Cloverdale II
Ch. Shamrock Acres Bruin Moroje
Mudd Von Puddles

About Us

It is with great sadness that we said good-bye to our dear Roman on Friday, March 25th, 2005 here at home with us by his side.   His mind was strong 'til the end, but his body had just said "enough".  Marc shared two ducks with him for lunch and a Guinness.  We will always treasure our special boy.....our sweet gentle brown bear......
Our steadfast, kind, beautiful soul who gave more of himself than any other dog we've known.
Good night our sweet Roman....
May you retrieve ducks to your heart's delight,
Romp with your four-legged friends over the hills,
Dive for rocks on the shores, and
Lap the faces of all our loved ones who await us.
We miss you dearly, and will love you always.

Heather and Marc

The song below holds special memories and special meaning. 
Roman was just a baby when we first learned of this amazing musical group.
We saw October Project live at a small venue in Burlington with our great friends, Scott and Sheila McIntyre.
Scott and Sheila owned a special dog, Klondike, who taught Roman the ways of dogdom. 
He and Roman are now reunited at the Rainbow Bridge, probably laying on the lush grass
mouthing each other's faces as they did so long ago. 
For you two, the memories are strong.

Where You Are

Floating in the summer sunshine
We are flying
We are blue
Falling like a summer raindrop
Like a teardrop
Like the dew

Nothing but a blue horizon
All around us like a glove
Feeling it go on forever
Far below us
Far above

Where you are
Do you know
I think of you
Where you are
Do you know
I hope you do

Shining like a summer rainbow
We are colors
We are bright
Vanishing into the sunshine
Like a river made of light

Floating in a summer memory
I can see you in my mind

Knowing it goes on forever
Far beyond us
Far behind

Where you are
Do you know
I think of you
Where you are
Do you know
I hope you do

Falling in a summer daydream
I remember what I knew
Nothing that I can't hold on to
Or return to
Even you

Where you are
Do you know
I think of you
Where you are
Do you know
I hope you do
                            - October Project, 1993

Heather Johnson

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