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"Honoring true Labrador type, temperament, and versatility."


About Us

On a quiet, country road.....

.....sits a renovated 150 year old farmhouse with one of the oldest foundations in the town.....

......with a neighbor across the road on 100 acres
who has bred an amazing line of Newfoundlands for over 40 years....


.....with conservation trails galore just a walk down the road ....
......miles and miles of trails and pockets of water and ponds for fun, trouble,
and LOTS of swimming and running.....YES, we've run into the beavers!!.....

......with a wonderful pool that needs to be dressed up and made ready for Labrador swimming power!!!......

FLASH!!  Summer 2009
We're loving it!!! a brand, spanking new dog room......(no, this is not my kitchen!!)

....that equips me with a dog washer and human washer.....(yes, we have dog hair!!)

.....and a place to hang and read and watch TV with the dogs.....

....It's a wonderful new place that I call roots are growing stronger every moment of every day.....

Heather Johnson

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