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Welcome to Nycoma Way Labradors!

Nycoma Way has relocated to a 150 year old renovated farmhouse on 4 acres in North Central Massachusetts where my birthroots are strong and where family and friends provide positive energy, support, and love. 
 I miss my friends in Vermont tremendously, but am enjoying a fresh start and new memories all my own. 

More pictures of our new home

My start in Labradors began over 17 years ago, although I have a history in dogs and dog showing that extends many years (see my History page).  I chose Labradors for their devotion,  versatility, trainability, "no fuss, no muss" approach to life and personal grooming, natural hunting ability, and calm disposition.

At Nycoma Way I am committed to raising sound Labradors that are multi-purpose.  I firmly believe that Labradors are first and foremost a sporting breed with multi-talents that need to be nurtured and encouraged.  My dogs are evaluated against the breed standard through competition in the breed/conformation ring; prove their trainability, desire and willingness to please in the obedience ring; and honor their true purpose through performance in hunt tests.  I also share my wonderful dogs with those who are ill or frail through the therapy dog program, a tribute to the Labrador temperament. 
My dogs have earned multiple titles over the years and I am very proud of their accomplishments.

 I breed infrequently--perhaps one carefully planned litter a year, breeding for myself first with the goal of improving my lines.  I strive to produce Labradors that most importantly exemplify the true Labrador temperament:  that of true and undying devotion, gentle and calm companionship, a willingness to please, and desire to hunt and retrieve without the use of a heavy hand.  Soundness and health are paramount, as well as proper type. 

All of my dogs live with me in my home, sharing the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and yes, bathroom. With Labradors, there is no privacy!  Puppies are raised in my home until they leave at 9 weeks.   Those puppies that stay with me join the rest of the brood, learning house manners and "dog talk".  I work from home as a health and long-term care consultant, offering me an enormous amount of time to spend with my dogs: I am truly blessed by that opportunity. 

Please Note:  All of my puppies go to their new homes on "limited registration" and spay/neuter contracts.  Only under special circumstances will I place a puppy on a co-ownership and full registration.

Why Nycoma Way?

Cape Cod is a very special place to me.  Some people wonder where my kennel name comes from. 
It comes from Cape Cod. 

My grandfather and great-grandfather built the first cottage on a sand road they named "Nycoma Way". 
Now several cottages long, our extended family has vacationed there for over 40 years. 
My Nan still lives there in the cottage on the ocean.  She means the world to me and has supported my love for dogs, and Labradors in particular, since I was a child.  I believe part of my love for Labradors came from my early exposure to one of her special Labrador mixes--Abraham, or "Hammie" "Ham Ham" as we affectionately called him. 

Please enjoy your visit.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy Labradors!




































































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